RODNEY   LEN   tom
Keynote Speaker
Prof. Rodney J Hicks
Molecular Imaging
  Plenary Speaker
Prof. Emeritus Dr Leonard I Wiebe
Biomedicine & Radiopharmacy
  Plenary Speaker
Prof. Emeritus Tom Sanders
United Kingdom
Molecular Nutrition
 Peter   heinz   ram
 Plenary Speaker
Assoc. Prof Peter Eu S.M
Targeted Molecular Laboratory

  Plenary Speaker
Prof. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer
  Plenary Speaker
Dr Ramdave Shakher
Nuclear Medicine


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the International Translational Molecular Medicine Conference and Aero-Space Medicine and Physiology showcase to be held in April 15th-16th, 2016 in Sepang, Malaysia. The conference will provide a forum for researchers to present cutting edge research and learn about the latest breakthroughs and technologies in molecular imaging.

Translational molecular imaging construes the work that goes into bringing the most promising experimental therapies to the clinic after extensive testing in experimental models. It has been recognized the importance of exploration through biomedical research into the development of in vivo cellular and molecular imaging fields but also into small animal imaging resource programs, both of which involve translational research extensively. Molecular imaging represents a group of methods to study the malignant phenotype noninvasively at high resolution with specific probes, contrast agents or MR pulse sequences with a view not only to understanding cancer biology but also to providing early diagnosis and devise emerging therapies.

We would like to welcome you to present your recent work in the Translational Molecular Imaging and ideas in iCT -MIPs16 . All accepted papers are deemed to be published in the Journal Science & Technology (JST) - Pertanika- scopus cited. The best 3 recommended papers and educational posters would be honoured to be highlighted as plenary speech of the conference. Please visit our website at

International Conference of Translational Molecular Imaging & Aero-Space Medicine & Physiology showcase (iCT-MIPs) is organized by the Centre for Diagnostic Nuclear imaging, University Putra Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Research Institute of Aviation. The call for submission of scientific papers in these fields is now open.

The Centre for Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging pioneers the Molecular Imaging which promotes continuing academic education, knowledge transfer and scientific exchange through life sciences-oriented conferences. We are delighted to host the iCT-MIPs16 in Sepang, Malaysia in order to foster and promote excellence in translational medicine through education and research as well as to provide leadership in promoting development of this field. The attendee will have opportunity to experience the space & aviation medicine showcase which runs in the parallel sessions with the main session.

Scope of Scientific Research and Sessions

  • Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Genetic & Bioinformatic
  • Biomedicine
  • Bioengineering (Nuclear Physic)
  • Molecular Medicine & Biology
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Aerospace Medicine ( Hypergravity & Microgravity)

Assoc. Prof Dr Fathinul Fikri A.S
Organising Chairman